When we moved to Colorado, my wife (Breanne) told me “I want a big house with a big yard.” I also wanted a big house with a big yard.  So, we bought a big house with a big yard in the right neighborhood, too. We lived in the wealthy neighborhood and, according to the American Dream, we had “Made it.”

One year later, my wife told me that she was sick of taking care of this big house and this big yard because we never seemed to have the time or money for anything else. We were drowning in the American Dream and needed to make a change, for our marriage and our kids. She had been researching Tiny Houses and told me that’s what she wanted to do.  At the time, our 2 kids were ages 10 and 8, but we would need room for teenagers soon. In addition, we had 3 yorkies, and all of us would need our own privacy.

My initial thought was “There is no way in hell that is going to work,” but I didn’t say that.  My parents had taught me to say “How do we make it work?” This way you approach it as a team. You will then discover together whether you can make it work or not without having to be in opposition to one another.  So, we made a plan by taping out a space on our basement floor and went to order our trailer. Based on our needs, I wanted to find the biggest one we could get to allow for the most portable space. Then, based on the measurements of the trailer we ordered, we were able to start designing our tiny house.  We started with graph paper and then designed with Google Sketch-Up to finetune the design. Together, we discovered that we could make it work with 3 private bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and have a space for our yorkies (Everyone having their own space was a wise recommendation we found during our research about building a tiny house).  

Houses were taking about 18 months to sell in our neighborhood, so we prayed about it and figured that we could build the tiny house in our big back yard while we were waiting for our big house to sell.  We got a full price offer 4 days after we put it on the market, and they wanted to move in in 26 days! This was a leap of faith for us and 1 week before closing we were finally able to find a rental where we could build our Tiny House, which was right across the street from Home Depot. This was definitely God pointing us in the right direction!  We were able to pay cash for our trailer with the money we got from selling our house and so we jumped right into the build.

Professionals were building Tiny Houses in about 1 month, so we figured it would take us amateurs 3 months. Little did we know that we were on a 3-year journey to completion. This website shares our journey with you.  When we began our build, there was not very much detailed information available on tiny building and we hope that this site will provide some of the guidance we would have liked during our Tiny House build. There are things we would do differently and things we wouldn’t change at all.  We will share our insights on both with you all in our posts (some of the things will be obvious to some of you, I’m sure, but we learned a lot the hard way so now you don’t have to!). One of the reasons it took 3 years was that we refused to take on any debt for the building of our tiny house, but 3 years later we owned our home free and clear. And have been enjoying it ever since!    

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From the plans to the finishing touches, we want to provide you with all the info and specs on our house - maybe someday you will want to go tiny as well!

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Read about our experiences through the building process and life as a family of four in a tiny home.

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