Copy of 10 Day Simplicity Challenge Bund
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What if you could...

Feel less overwhelm?

Enjoy more time doing what you love?

Be more available for your loved ones?

Have more time to think your own thoughts?


we were craving it too...

Copy of 10 Day Simplicity Challenge Bund

are you craving more

In fact, we made HUGE changes in our life to achieve more moving our family into a tiny house!

All you need is...

The Video Course

This course has been created in a ten day format, however, you can go at your own pace. Each day builds on the framework you create on Day One (which you can watch for free!)

10 Days

At just 30-60 minutes a day* devoted to watching the videos, complete the worksheets and start seeing change begin! (*don't worry, you can move at your own pace!)


Printable worksheets have been created for you to accompany the video course. Writing things down will help you to create more momentum in your simplicity journey!

Copy of 10 Day Simplicity Challenge Bund
Copy of 10 Day Simplicity Challenge Bund

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