10 No Fail Ways to Simplify Your Life : The Course

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Day One

Create a framework.

Let's establish a strong foundation for you to build your new simplified life on!

>Core Values Test<

Day Two

Write Everything Down

It's time to stop using your brain as a file storage system!

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Day Three


Take inventory of all the things you have going on in your life...

Day Four

Create Simple Routines

Ok, ok, I know! Routines sound like chores, but this WORKS (even for creative people)!

>check out the makeup routine video here<

Day Five

De Clutter

You know, that stuff that keeps piling up around you causing you stress? Yep, that! Time to remove it!


>Watch Our Storage & Organization Series Here<

>My Favorite Storage Finds<


Day Six

Take a No Screens Day

Let. Your. Brain. b r e a t h e. 

Day Seven

Re-arrange and Re-purpose

Remember when you decluttered like a boss on day 4? Let's take it to the next level.

Day Eight

Creating Go-Bags

I cannot promise you that you will always be on time...but I can give you tricks to get out the door with all the things you need!

Day Nine

Utilize Your Outdoor Space

Ok, you've been working hard, time for a break! This video is fun in the sun...literally. 

Day Ten

Get Involved In Your Community

Bringing your simplicity journey full circle.

Bonus Day!

We Couldn't Let You Leave Before We Shared This...

Seriously, this has changed our life DRAMATICALLY!

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