Living tiny is an oddity - especially in the Midwest where we live! Although there are many TV shows about the lifestyle and many people have heard of tiny living, we still get A LOT of questions about our life. From living with teenagers to the weight of the home itself, we have answered a handful of the most frequently asked questions below. Submit yours today!

Why not just live in an RV?

This question is always so funny to us because, we think of our tiny house as a home, not an RV. So many people view tiny homes as RV's, and we couldn't disagree more. Wouldn't you rather live in a home than an RV? Well, let me tell you, the answer is Y. E. S. We lived in an RV for 17 months at the end of our tiny house build and they could not be more different! We were ready to burn that thing to the ground when we finally moved out of it and into our tiny home, lol!

RV's are built for weekend trips and fine weather, NOT full time living in Nebraska.... (Coming soon on our Blog: "Comparing Tiny House Living to RV living")

How much does the Tiny Home weigh?

We were able to calculate the Tiny House's weight by adding the weights and amounts of each material we used.  

        For example: Our pine siding was 1 pound per sq/ft there is 1100 sq/ft of siding so 1100 lbs (overestimate)

Our calculated dry weight, post construction, is: 12,000 lbs (overestimate, but better to over guess then under)

And our best guess for wet weight, aka moved in, is: 19,000 lbs 

Our trailer is built to accommodate a weight of: 21,000 lbs

And our truck can hold/pull a Goose-neck weight of: 24,500 lbs 

How big is your home?

It is approximately 400 sq/ft, with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, entryway, living room, dining area, jetted tub, and kitchen!  We fit our family of 4 in our Tiny House, including 2 teenagers and 3 Yorkie guard dogs!!

Do you still like living in a Tiny House?

This is a question that we often get from people that we know.  Since we are living unconventionally people are genuinely curious about it.  The answers is “Yes” we are still loving it.  That doesn’t mean that we don’t have hang ups from time to time (like most homeowners) but overall, we are very happy to be living in a Tiny House. 

Is a Tiny Home for everyone?

First, it is valuable to consider living Tiny.  When Breanne first mentioned it to me I didn’t think we could do it, but we approached it with the mentality of “How do we make this work?"

Second, No.  It is not a path to happiness for everyone and may not even be feasible given different family needs.  Those that it appeals to will see the benefits and enjoy it.  This is a “know thyself” question, and it’s really important to ask yourself if it is right for you.  It may be that your answer to “How do we make this work?” is “It doesn’t work for us right now."..... BUT, "Even if you don't live Tiny, You can still live the Tiny Lifestyle!"

What are the benefits of living Tiny?

• Travel More

• Pay off debts

• If you need to move, your home moves with you!

• Focus on accumulating memories rather than stuff

• Faster to clean

• More time with family and friends

• Spending more time in our community and

• Doing the things we love!