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No matter where you are on your tiny house journey we'd love to talk to you!

Everything is a puzzle - it's time to get all your puzzle pieces together and start building your dream!
How it Works

• Book a time on our calendar or submit a specific date request to us via email.

• For the best results, please submit your questions before your scheduled meeting.

• Choose to meet over video chat or by audio only.

• All cancellations/reschedule requests must be made 24 hours before your booking to receive a refund.

How We Can Help

No matter where you are on your tiny house journey - we have probably been there too! 

• We have 5 years experience of living in a tiny house with teenagers.

• Together we built our tiny house on wheels with absolutely no building experience.

• Avoid costly mistakes by learning from ours.

• We have been through all the emotions and changes of going tiny.

• After all these years living tiny we are out of debt and living in financial freedom!

• We are still improving our home with new updates.

• Even after 8 years of the tiny lifestyle (3 years in an RV/Building + 5 years in a tiny house) we still love each other!

No Question Is Unimportant

We KNOW that going tiny means that EVERYTHING is a puzzle. Even knowing where to put our trashcan in our kitchen was a huge decision for us! We'd love to talk through your situation, share our experience and brainstorm with you to find solutions to your problems and questions about the tiny life.

I Don't Have a Tiny House 

• Are you hoping to have a tiny house someday?

This consulting is perfect for you because proper planning prevents poor results. We want to help you create the most effective home to fit your life and family. We also would love to share with you how we prepared our LIVES to go tiny, which is one of the most challenging parts.

• Are you just looking for help simplifying the house you already live in?

You don't have to live tiny to simplify! We've learned so much about how to simplify by living tiny that would be helpful in any situation.